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No long-term investment is without risk. With energy projects, the utility tariffs that determine the value of energy can shift from year to year and have major impacts on the financial performance of your project. As with anything, an energy contract is all about the fine print - that's why Sage is depended on by more than 85 private and public firms to ensure their commitment to the environment is also a good investment.

We assist commercial and industrial firms and private non-profits with long term, organization-wide energy planning to reduce project risk and control costs. Architects, construction managers, legal and financial professionals seek out Sage's unmatched expertise to provide insight, auditing and due diligence for their clients.


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Perhaps the most important aspect of working with Sage is the absolute objectivity of their work - with no relationships to any manufacturer or vendor, we knew their guidance was only based on what was best for our clients.
— Mark Quattrocchi, AIA, Principal, Quattrocchi Kwok Architects