• Marin County, CA
  • 225 kW Wind Turbine with PG&E SGIP incentives
  • 240 kW-TH Solar Thermal 
  • Energy Efficiency study



Sage planned, designed and oversaw the implementation of a 225 kW wind turbine installed on the McEvoy Olive Ranch, outside of Petaluma, CA, in Marin County. Sage was responsible for the energy evaluation and design feasibility, site data acquisition, resource modeling, financial and performance modeling, permitting, vendor and equipment selection, biological, acoustic and avian studies, commissioning oversight and post installation performance monitoring. The windmill was erected in May 2009 and began generating power in June 2009. The McEvoy wind turbine is the first wind project completed with PG&E SGIP incentives and is the largest privately owned agricultural windmill in California. Sage also served as project manager for a commercial scale, 240 kW-TH solar process water heating project designed to offset 20,000 gallons of propane per year in conjunction with efficiency measures. Sage worked closely with an engineering firm to redesign the process water handling and include water efficiency measures for the olive oil facility and proposed winery.



  •  Energy Evaluation & Design Feasibility
  •  Site Data Acquisition & Resource Modeling
  •  Vendor & Equipment Selection
  •  Commissioning Oversight
  •  Contract Assistance & Negotiations
  •  Direct Access Purchasing Assistance
  •  Operations Performance Modeling