Microgrid Overview

A microgrid is a group of interconnected electrical loads and distributed energy resources (DER) that can connect and disconnect from the local utility electrical grid to operate in either grid-connected or island mode. While grid-connected, microgrid components – solar PV, fuel cells, other traditional energy generation assets, and/or energy storage – can be used to reduce electrical energy costs by offsetting energy usage, reducing demand charges, enabling energy arbitrage, and by providing ancillary grid services. In response to utility grid outages, microgrids keep critical infrastructure operational by supplying electricity under direction of an automated microgrid controller. Microgrids can also be used in remote areas where there is no connection to a larger electrical grid.

Microgrid Services

Sage Energy provides a full suite of microgrid services to ensure that energy assets are optimized for both grid-connected and islanded operation.

  • Microgrid system modeling and simulation from minor grid disturbances to long-term grid outages, including:

    • Energy conservation and load reduction

    • Onsite generation

    • Onsite energy storage

    • Microgrid control platform

    • Utility tariff modeling

    • Advanced lifetime project financial performance modeling

  • Calculating the economic value of resilience for your business or service.

  • Optimization of microgrid assets to achieve resiliency goals while keeping costs and maintenance to a minimum.

  • Overseeing all aspects of microgrid projects:

    • Feasibility and financial modeling

    • Competitive procurement with microgrid-specific requirements and criteria

    • Proposal analysis and vendor selection

    • Contract negotiation

    • Utility interconnection support

    • Owner’s engineer – design review

    • Technical construction management

    • Commissioning verification and oversight

    • Performance Management during operation