Performance Management

Maximize the value of your investment in solar.

Sage Renewables, the leading independent renewable energy consultant in California, offers a customized solution to bring transparency, accountability and expertise to the management of your solar project.

Solar PV systems are a 25-year financial investment and most solar customers rarely have the time or resources to assess and interpret performance data to ensure their systems are meeting the expected financial returns. Sage’s Performance Management service arms you with the information you need to maximize the value of your investment. Sage evaluates:

  • Savings versus what you would have paid to the utility
  • System performance versus performance targets
  • Best practices to optimize the system and produce the most value
  • Responsibilities of the solar developer or O&M contractor if the system is not performing as planned

We offer:

Sage Performance Management annual and quarterly reviews include detailed breakdowns of your solar PV system's real-world financial and production performance.


Annual performance evaluation, including both financial and energy production performance relative to benchmark estimates.


Quarterly production performance review and system report.


Sage analyses your actual savings with solar versus, what you would have paid the utility.



Annual review and summary of O&M activities, including further O&M recommendations to maximize savings.


Annual review of available utility tariffs and recommendations for the optimal tariff selection.




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